Watch: Asim Riaz documents his struggle, rejections and pain in his 4th rap song, Built In Pain


Built In Pain is the story of hustle and pain penned by Asim Riaz himself. It took him a while to come out with this song. The story is full of hustle faced by Asim. Built In Pain was initially supposed to be his 1st rap track but he wanted to witness the response from the audience on his rap style, so he took more time to work on the song and released Back to Start, Sky High, and Big Boss first. 

In the song Built In Pain, Asim has described his struggling phase in a way where his emotions and pain are shown. Raw and real- the wait, the disappointments, the self-imposed poverty, Asim has seen all of it in the City of Dreams. He had to face criticism and rejection, but in the end, this city where hopes rise and sink finally gave him a name, Fame, and success, and now for him, Mumbai is what he calls home.  

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Built In Pain's music is composed by Charan and the song is directed by Jay Singal.