Divya Agarwal slams Shamita Shetty for questioning her relationship with Varun Sood, calls her relationship with Raqesh Bapat 'reality show pairing'


Bigg Boss OTT winner Divya Agarwal and second runner-up Shamita Shetty couldn't see eye to eye after a point. They often had bitter arguments. Shamita, on Bigg Boss OTT, questioned Divya's relationship with Varun Sood. She was heard passing a remark that the couple won't get married. When Varun came to meet Divya on the show for some time, he confronted Shamita and asked her to not make such judgements. Now, Divya, talking to a leading daily, reacted to Shamita's comment and lashed out at her for being judgemental. 

Divya told that she was shocked after learning about Shamita's remark. She added that the actress would often get offended when she spoke about her relationship with Raqesh Bapat. "I was shocked to another level because she was always so offended when I said things about her and Raqesh, when I could see it. It wasn’t like I don’t know Raqesh as a person or I don’t know Shamita as a person, I don’t know both the sides. It wasn’t like that, I knew both the sides very well. I knew what was going on. But when I used to raise my voice or give opinions about them, she used to get very offended," Divya told the daily. 


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Divya further added that Shamita's comment was silly because she compared 'reality show pairing to a real-life connection'. "She is talking about somebody out of this game show, who is in my family, and there is a difference between reality show pairings and a real-life pairing. You are comparing your reality show pairing to a real-life connection? I think it was a very silly comment. Varun and I are very used to these kinds of comments and trolling. We have always said that time will tell. I invited her to my wedding anyway, I told her that when we get married, I will definitely call you," Divya shared. 

Divya and Varun met each other for the first time on the set of Ace Of Space Season 1 and fell in love. 

(Source: Hindustan Times)