They could have come up to me personally: Vishal Kotian on Sidharth Shukla's family's statement


On January 25, Sidharth Shukla's family members issued a statement requesting people to seek their permission before releasing any of his pending projects. The statement came after a clip from a song featuring Sidharth and Vishal Kotian went viral on social media. Now, in an interview with a leading daily, Vishal reacted to the statement and said Sidharth's family could have personally spoken to him about it.

The Bigg Boss 15 contestant told, "It’s funny that I’m even responding to it. People are just contemplating that it was for Vishal. But I’m not a producer. Releasing a song is a producer’s call and not an actor’s. Sidharth was a close friend and if his family wanted they could have come up to me personally and addressed it, but I haven’t heard from them."

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He further added, "There are videos where Sidharth has said that he is very excited and happy about the song. So who do you believe? The man himself or a statement? Also, Sidharth has got his remuneration and everything is on paper. And it’s not just Sidharth’s work, it’s my project as well. It has the spot boy, director, the crew and if the producer wants his money, then what is wrong with it? I’m just reasoning it out. I don’t think there’s anything wrong."

Vishal said he will not approach Sidharth's family personally and left it to the producers to look into the matter. "It’s not my project, so I leave it to the music producers to reach out to them. If they have a concern, they should approach me. And I will address their concerns with open arms," he shared. 

(Source: Hindustan Times)