Surbhi Tiwari files domestic violence FIR against in-laws, seeks divorce from husband Praveen Kumar Sinha


Diya Aur Baati Hum actress Surbhi Tiwari has filed a complaint against her mother-in-law and sister-in-law due to domestic violence and is planning to divorce her husband Delhi-based pilot and businessman, Praveen Kumar Sinha. The two had tied the knot in Mumbai on February 10, 2019.

In an interview with a news portal, Surbhi said that things started going downhill soon after her marriage to Praveen. She also alleged that Praveen was not keen to start a family. Surbhi said, “Soon after I married, I realised Praveen and I weren’t compatible. Praveen had agreed to move to Mumbai to live with me but later refused to relocate. I wanted to continue acting but I couldn’t take up daily soaps, as I was flying with him. As a result, I was financially dependent on him and struggled for money. Besides, I wanted to start a family soon but he wasn’t keen.”

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She further added that her husband and in-laws have withheld her jewellery aka Stree Dhan and said, “I have filed a complaint against Praveen, his mother and his sisters-in-law for domestic violence and intimidating me. Also, I haven’t got my stree dhan (jewellery back, which is my right. Along with the jewellery given to them and me at the wedding, I also took silverware with me. I haven’t got anything back. If I had that, I wouldn’t have to sell my gold ornaments for survival and medical expenses. I feel cheated about a lot of things. Even after suffering so much, I had planned to part ways amicably. However, Praveen told me that he would not give me a divorce and that I could move the court for it. I have now decided to take the legal route against them. I will soon file for divorce."

The actress and Praveen had met through common friends in 2018; initially Surbhi found Praveen who hails from Patna too simple and wanted to reject the match saying that their horoscopes do not match. However, Praveen saw through the ruse and told her that he had already matched their horoscopes and she could give him another reason for not getting married. In an earlier interview, Surbhi had spoken about Praveen and lavished praise on him. She said, “Our common friends arranged our meeting in October 2018. Praveen is from Patna, but he has been working in Delhi for the past 18 years. He will shift base to Mumbai after marriage. Despite belonging to an affluent family, he is simple like me. Another thing we have in common is, we both don’t like partying. However, unlike me, he is calm like still water, and he has brought calmness to my life.He is the anchor I was looking for so long. He has been extremely supportive of my career and loves me the way I am. At a time when most people expect their suitors to be in shape, he didn’t mind me being overweight. I have had health issues because of which I put on weight, but he doesn't mind it."

(Source: India Today)