‘It is scripted that is why people can predict the winner,’ says Bigg Boss 7 contestant Apurva Agnihotri, wife Shilpa Saklani says ‘they have prerequisites’


Former Bigg Boss 7 contestants and TV actors Apurva Agnihotra and his wife Shilpa Saklani have spoken out about the reality show. Apurva said that the reality show is scripted, adding that people can now predict winners. He also gave cryptic hints and without taking any names said that in the current season Priyanka Chahar Choudhary was the winner as was predicted by fans but the channel had to bring in an element of surprise and hence declared MC Stan as the winner.

Apurva and Shilpa shared a vlog recently which opened with him saying that the most common question he is asked is whether Bigg Boss is scripted. He said that it is often asked if everything is decided beforehand like who will be the winner, and all of that. He asked Shilpa if the show was scripted. To this she said, “Everyone is aware and knows what is to be done if they want to be the ‘the’ person. Bigg Boss is not scripted. They have prerequisites – react karo, content do (react, give content for the show), fight, give your point of view and be assertive. If the personality is not like that, then what to do.” She also revealed that they were approached for the show every year but they said yes finally only when they were offered the show as a couple, hence they finally appeared in season 7.

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However, Apurva disagreed with her and said, “It is scripted. The channel knows who will react, and how. And that’s why people have started predicting in recent seasons. And the makers at the end, kind of forcefully have to turn tables and surprise everyone with the winner's name. We saw it in the recent season too, else everyone would have said, ‘she (perhaps suggesting Priyanka Chahar Choudhary) is the channel face so she became the winner’. The show is scripted to a certain extent.”

He also said that before they entered the Bigg Boss house, participants were crying because they were worried about their images. The actor said, “You know how editing can alter narratives.” Shilpa added and said that they took up the offer because the show was offered to them as a couple and said, “Thank God, we went in as a couple. Only because they made the offer for us as a couple. So, we agreed to go together. We knew, in that madness, we may not stay there for long.”

Bigg Boss 16 that concluded recently saw MC Stan lift the trophy with Shiv Thakare and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary coming second and third respectively.

(Source: YouTube)