Rupali Ganguly mourns the death of her close friend and colleague Nitesh Pandey, says ‘he had messaged me just last week, we had plans to meet’


Rupali Ganguly is mourning the death of her close friend and Anupamaa colleague Nitesh Pandey who passed away on May 23, 2023, due to a massive cardiac arrest at 51 years.

Sharing fond memories about her bond with Nitesh, Rupali said,"He was the only industry friend who stayed constantly in touch with me apart from Delnaaz and Sarabhais,during my sabbatical. He had even come to meet me after Rudransh was born.I can’t believe this! His son Aarav is just a few months older than Rudransh. He had messaged me just last week about a painting he had made and we had made plans to make our sons meet. "

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"We would bond over dogs. His wife Arpita is an animal care giver, feeder too like me. I am devastated! He was so so so fiercely protective about me. Even when he came to Anupamaa, it felt as if you have your bestie next to you at your work place. Just this month beginning, I had gone very late for a films get together and saw his car leaving, so I called him and said I saw you and he said tu ruk main aata hoon gaadi ghumake , and I said no no ghar jaa agale hafte milte hai. Teen hafte ho gaye uss baat ko and now I will never meet him. I can't believe this!", shares Rupali.

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