TV actor Snehal Rai reveals being married to 21 years older politician Madhvendra Kumar Rai for 10 years


TV actor Snehal Rai has revealed that she has been married to politician Madhvendra Kumar Rai for 10 years. She said that although she never announced her marital status before she also did not hide it. The actor is all set to participate in a beauty pageant for married women and decided to talk about her marriage in the public domain. Snehal announced that she married a long time ago and that her husband is 21 years older than her.

Snehal and Madhvendra have been in a long distance relationship and she said that she receives a lot of love and support from him and his family as an actor. Talking about her husband she denied the claim that she hid her marital status to get work and said, “He once told me, ‘You are my Queen. Go and work like a Queen. You succeed or not, you will always rule my heart as a Queen’. These words have inspired me so much and it is overwhelming.”

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The actress revealed that she and Madhavendra met for the first time at an event where she was the host and he was the chief guest. After meeting on a flight the next day, she went on to host shows for his event management company and eventually got married to him.

Talking about their long distance-relationship, Snehal said, “There’s always a lovey-doveyness like boyfriend-girlfriend because we get excited to meet each other. Our relationship has seen many ups and downs and we are very secure about each other. We are mentally very strong. I got sure about what not to do seeing my parents’ relationship and what kind of person I don’t want to be with. Snehal has worked in TV shows like Ishq Ka Rang Safed, Vish, Perfect Pati, Icchapyari Nagin and others.

(Source: ETimes / Instagram)