Would be very challenging: Supriya Pilgaonkar on playing Reema Lagoo’s role of mother-in-law in Tu Tu Main Main 2


Supriya Pilgaonkar is all set to get back to the small screen with a new season of Tu Tu Main Main (TTMM). However, this time around she will no longer be seen as the daughter-in-law but will take on the mantle of the mother-in-law. Supriya played the bahu to Reema Lagoo’s saas in the iconic series. Now, the former will be taking on the role of the formidable mother-in-law.

Speaking to a news portal, Supriya opened up about filling Reema’s shows and said, “I will terribly miss Reema ji. Though I did something like that (played a mother-in-law) in between for but for a long time, still playing this role that she did, would be very challenging. More so because if the show is titled Tu Tu Main Main 2 or something like that, people would definitely compare it with the original.”

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She further said, “Her accent was just amazing. I have been the reactor to all her actions. The show is all about action and reaction. And this time, it will be an extension. But since this time I am going to be on the other side of the table - playing the mom-in-law - I will have to show the same cultures and carry everything forward with her (Reema) in my heart.”

Supriya also expressed excitement over who will be cast as her daughter-in-law in the show and said, “It will be very interesting to see who will get cast as my daughter-in-law now, and what kind of chemistry she would have with me, because Reema ji and I had that chemistry. There are so many wonderful actors now, so the choice will be tough. I just hope the makers cast someone who is spontaneous because our show is like Tom and Jerry, so it’ll be fun to have someone who has that vibe.”

Tu Tu Main Main season 2 will once again be directed by Supriya’s husband and actor Sachin Pilgaonkar who also directed the original. He also directed a sequel to TTMM titled Kadvee Khattee Meethi featuring the same cast in 2006.

(Source: Hindustan Times)