Tina Datta recalls having the urge to miss school in monsoon, talks about relishing homemade pakoras and piping hot chai


Popular TV actress Tina Datta, wonderfully performing the role of Surili in Sony Entertainment Television's Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum alongside Jay Bhanushali, recently shared her love for the monsoon season. Tina expressed her fondness for the rain and how it brings a sense of renewal and hope after the scorching summers.

For Tina, rain is like love personified. "It not only provides relief from the heat but also has the power to uplift one's spirits during difficult times. I believe it finds solace in the sound of thunder, which can bring light to even the darkest moments," she said.

When asked about her favourite monsoon activities, Tina shared, "I enjoy my mother's homemade pakoras (fritters) and sipping hot, piping chai. I love relaxing on my bed in the evening, listening to retro music. I indulge in movie nights at home while binge-eating samosas."

Being a Bengali, Tina also highlighted the culture of celebrating life's simple joys. "Monsoons and school days are the best things anyone could hit their nostalgia on. The urge to miss school and not get up from bed while mom not letting me bunk!" she quipped.

Tina's love for the monsoon season and her ability to find joy in the little things reflect her positive outlook on life. As she continues to entertain audiences with her television projects, she encourages others to embrace the beauty and charm of the rainy season.