TV actor Bhupinder Singh shoots 23-year-old, injures 3 others due to dispute over the felling of trees; cops arrest him


Popular television actor, Bhupinder Singh, has been accused of opening fire over a minor dispute in Uttar Pradesh's Bijnor. The cops have arrested him for killing a 23-year-old and injuring three others. According to India Today's report, the incident took place due to a dispute over the felling of trees. 

As per the report, Bhupinder and his assistants fired 10 rounds from his licenced revolver and illegal gun at a family residing in a village near Bijnor. Gurdeep Singh, Meera Bai, their elder son Amreek Singh and younger son Govind were attacked. While Govind was killed in the firing, the three other members of the clan were injured and are in critical condition. 


The dispute began when Gurdeep stood up against Bhupinder for cutting Eucalyptus trees on his farm. He filed a complaint at the Badhapur police station on November 19. The police reportedly didn't pay much attention to it. Recently, when there was yet another dispute over the same matter, the actor and his people opened fire at the Singh family. 

After the incident, Deputy Inspector General Moradabad Muniraj took charge of the situation himself and got Bhupinder and his aides arrested. Gurdeep, Meera Bai and Amreek are seeking treatment at a local hospital.