India Couture Week 2022: All that jazz with Meraki by Dolly J


I put a spell on you, sang the female vocalist amid a deep red setting with the stage, backdrop, curtains and flooring all in that rich hue. And the guests were spellbound as the models made their moves at the show by Dolly J at India Couture Week 2022, presented by FDCI (Fashion Design Council of India) in association with Lotus Make-up.

The designer titled her collection Meraki that stands for a soulfulness so deep that you leave a piece of yourself in what you do. Word has it that it was inspired by the depth of tranquility within art, a tranquility which is foundational for growth and progress.

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The live music continued with the song ‘Smooth Operator’ and everything seemed smooth and svelte at this show presented by Sawansukha jewellery.

It was all that jazz since the collection reflected the improvised harmonies of jazz, the vibrations of which have a calming effect on the listener along with complexities that inspire rumination. On view were golden hues, fluid textures and dramatic cascades spangled with motifs of change.

And then there was showstopper Shilpa Shetty Kundra in a gorgeous gown but perhaps too heavy for she almost tripped a couple of times (actually, thrice!), but she was smiling all the way. She took out a lipstick from her pocket and brushed it across her lips (not that she needed it). Yes, a gown with a pocket seems a good thing!