Ameesha Patel reacts to false allegations in cheating case, says 'the event was so badly organised, I feared for my life'


Ameesha Patel has been accused of cheating and a complaint has been filed against her by a social worker. According to the complaint, Ameesha charged a huge amount for a show but only did an ‘extremely brief’ performance. The actor has now tweeted about the event, saying she ‘feared for her life’ there and thanked the police for ‘getting her out of there’.

The complaint comes in the wake of Ameesha’s appearance at Navchandi Mahostav 2022 in the Khandwa district. As per reports, Ameesha had taken Rs 4 lakh for a one-hour appearance but allegedly left the venue after three minutes. Ameesha took to her social media handles and wrote that she attended the event but it was so “badly organised” that she feared for her life. She wrote, “Attended the Navchandi Mahostav 2022 yesterday 23 rd April in Khandwa city ,Madhva Pradesh … v v v v badly organised by Star Flash Entertainment and Mr Arvind Pandey .. I feared for my life but I want to thank the local police for taking care of me v well ..”

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After the complaint, Ameesha issued a statement that read, “Contrary to reports doing rounds about me cheating a social worker, let me clarify, I attended the Navchandi Mahotsav in Madhya Pradesh on 23rd April 2022. The event organized by Star Flash Entertainment and Mr. Arvind Pandey was so badly organized that I feared for my life. I was never supposed to perform at the event, it was only an appearance that I fulfilled. However, when I reached there I realized that the organizers were playing dirty, things seemed fishy and I was not okay with them. I feared for my life, and I am thankful to the local police who helped me leave from there safely when they saw that all the proof was in my favor. Incidents like these put a question on humanity, but I am glad that good people also exist in this world.”

On Tuesday, one of the organisers of the event--a social worker named Sunil Jain--reportedly filed a complaint against Ameesha stating that she had charged a huge amount for the event but didn't perform for the decided duration.

(Source: Twitter)