Is Adhyayan Suman singing of Kangana Ranaut in debut single?


Is Adhyayan Suman’s debut music single a bittersweet memory of the tumultuous relationship he had with Bollywood temptress Kangana Ranaut? It would seem so. The song, Main Saare Nu Chadiya, means “I have left everything”. While he is not enthusiastic about going down that rocky road again, Adhyayan does admit that the Kangana episode which was greedily highlighted in sordid detail by the Bollywood press had taught him a lesson. “It taught me to erase my past and gear up for the future,” said the debutant singer who not so long ago burned his hands at acting.

This is what Main Saare Nu Chadiya seems all about. And it is true, Adhyayan has left his past behind and seems happy now. He is a firm believer in karma. When asked why he decided to step outside the bathroom and take his singing public, Adhyayan replied, “I don’t believe in giving up on any journey. I was always interested in music and wanted to make a career out of it. That’s why I decided my songs had to be inspired by my own life. If there is no inspiration, there is no point. Whatever the emotion, it was taken from my life.”

Adhyayan has had no formal training in music but familiarly picked up a box guitar to strum when he sang Main Saare Nu Chadiya. “I felt that I had certain rawness in my voice which I wanted to retain. I am not a singer but I am trying to be a singer,” he candidly said. Given its lyrics, it cannot be that Adhyayan has written Main Saare Nu Chadiya for the model Stuti Sharma who he is reportedly dating. But the response he has got has encouraged the debutant singer to plan a second song. And yes, he also intends to hold a concert to launch Main Saare Nu Chadiya soon. Rock on!

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