Hush-hush engagement in Haridwar last Dec?


Did Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have a quiet and secret engagement last year in Uttarakhand? It appears so. Remember the hush-hush trip the couple made in December 2016 to spiritual guru Maharaj Anant Baba’s Anant Dham Atmabodh Ashram in Haridwar? That is where, and when, the Virushka engagement is said to have been secretly solemnized.

Anushka’s mother Ashima Sharma, a Garhwali, is a disciple of Ambuvala-based Anant Baba, and the actress is known to secretly make pilgrimages to Uttarakhand where she stays at his ashram and performs religious rituals and rites in honour of Lord Shiva at the Shri Ananteshwar Temple in Haridwar. The ashram, Anushka has said, rejuvenates her. She always meets Anant Baba when she wants mental peace and answers to her inner thoughts.

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Anant Baba craftily avoided confirming this news. Neither did he deny it. Anant Baba merely said it was not his prerogative to talk. All he revealed was that the couple had sought his blessings and it would be they who would talk about the engagement, not him. However, has a photograph of the duo from last year’s Haridwar visit in which Anushka is carefully hiding her right hand on which might have been an engagement ring and the sacred Hindu thread kalava that is tied by priests.

Meanwhile, getting in the spirit of the Virushka wedding are people in Australian cricket which holds Virat Kohli in high reverence. Hoping that the couple might consider a destination wedding in Australia (instead of Italy), the management of the iconic Adelaide Oval Stadium has expressed its keenness to host the celebrity wedding. Andrew Daniels, CEO of the historic sports venue, said, “We would be thrilled to host the Virat-Anushka wedding at the Adelaide Oval. How fantastic would it be for Virat to create more happy memories here considering his outstanding playing history at the Oval.” The stadium allows private functions. Daniels added, “Australia’s finest food and wine would make it an unforgettable day for the future Mr. and Mrs. Kohli.”