Dreaming of a Virushka-style wedding? Here’s the checklist…


Virat Kohli wed Anushka Sharma in the idyllic environs of Tuscany, and captured our collective imagination. Here’s what it took to create the Wedding of the Year…

Destination: Tuscany

Away from the hustle and bustle, in the gorgeous Italian countryside, the couple opted for Borgo Finocchieto, one of the most expensive resorts of the world. It was the venue for all their wedding ceremonies held between December 9 and 13. Four hours South of Milan, this luxurious heritage resort also hosted the Obamas earlier this year... just saying!

Indo-Italian nosh:


The couple opted for an Indian-Italian catering service for their wedding festivities. The result was delightful - Indian delicacies like Dosas and Rabdi rubbing shoulders with Italian fare like Porcini Mushrooms and stuffed ravioli. The fare was apparently all-vegetarian, as is the norm at Hindu weddings.

Blush pink for the bride:


The couple’s wedding outfits took our breath away! Anushka made the wisest choice in engaging the exquisite services of the famed Sabyasachi for creating both hers and Virat’s outfits. Sabya described her wedding lehenga thus: “A pale pink lehenga with Renaissance embroidery in vintage English colours embellished with silver-gold metal thread, pearls and beads. Bridal jewellery handcrafted with syndicate uncut diamonds, pale pink spinel and baroque Japanese cultured pearls by the Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry collection.”

Sabyasachi also pointed out that given the venue was Florence, they chose a colour that would blend in with the whimsical Tuscan surrounding rather than stand out. “It was blush pink with tropical flora and fauna, hand embroidered in silk floss. Exotic birds and butterflies were rendered with the finest quality needle craft. It took 67 karigars, 32 days to complete the ensemble. To complement her lehenga, beautiful jadau jewellery was handcrafted in uncut diamonds, pearls and pale pink spinel.” …All that and fresh Tuscan hydrangeas in her hair! We love alright!

A prince, no less!

About Virat’s look, Sabyasachi wrote, “Ivory raw silk sherwani hand-embroidered in a vintage Benarasi pattern and signature House buttons with an old rose silk Kota safa. Accessories by Sabyasachi.” The bride and groom wore Sabyasachi for all their functions, from the engagement to the mehendi, the sangeet, the wedding and post-wedding dinner. “It was a pleasure to work with the couple,” vouched the designer.