Did Virat stop Ranveer’s song from playing at the couple's post-wedding party?


Whaddya know, Virat Kohli is evidently still behaving like a possessive boyfriend! Here’s why we think so…

The Virushka wedding ceremony at the gorgeous 800-year-old restored Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany, was a beautifully traditional affair. Bhangra dancers had been amping up energy at the venue, while the happy sounds of the dhol brought the sounds of a typical Punjabi wedding to the Italian countryside.

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After tying the knot, the couple had opted for a fun DJ night. Everyone was letting their hair down and grooving like there was no tomorrow… when suddenly the groom apparently walked up to the DJ and asked for a change in song. The song being played was apparently from a film that had starred Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh; most likely ‘Ainvayi, ainvayi…’. The reason? He would have nothing that would remind him of his wife’s reported ex-beau on his big day! The DJ, who had apparently chosen that very song because it had been a huge hit featuring the bride, quietly acquiesced and switched to another number. And he made very sure to play none of Ranveer’s hits again that evening!

India’s cricket captain is supposedly very possessive of his lovely wife; in fact, it was his over-protective behaviour that had supposedly caused problems in their relationship earlier as well. We’re presuming Anushka laughed off her husband’s behaviour as cute but really, Virat, you did the girl, didn’t you?!

Though neither Anushka nor Ranveer ever admitted to it, they had been linked from the time Ranveer made his Bollywood debut opposite Anushka in 2010. The sizzling chemistry they shared onscreen had reportedly also sparked off a real life liaison. The pair went their separate ways two years later. While some said it was Ranveer's growing fondness for Deepika Padukone that pushed Anushka away, others maintain that Anushka took the decision to break up as she wanted to focus on her career.

Five years is a long time. Time to forget the past and let the music play on!