Shahid won’t party with Ranveer?


Padmaavat is Shahid Kapor’s highest grossing film till date. However, according to the latest buzz, the actor would not want to attend its success celebration!

Even as the film’s worldwide collections have totalled Rs.400 crore, news comes in of the producers planning a grand success bash. It is a well-deserved celebration, after all. However, equally baffling is Shahid’s reluctance to attend the party being planned!
The reason behind his lack of enthusiasm is reportedly Ranveer Singh. Shahid Kapoor apparently does not want to come face to face with the actor who played his nemesis, Alauddin Khilji and has walked away with the lion’s share of the applause. Ranveer is sure to be complimented and gushed over at the success celebration as well, and this is a sight Shahid might yearn to avoid.


What’s more, as the leading lady of the film, Deepika Padukone is bound to grab all eyeballs, along with her rumoured beau, Ranveer, Shahid could be wary of being left out in the cold.

There’s also the fact that Shahid has been making rather loaded statements in his recent interviews. He recently spoke about how he had felt like an outsider and that his role was not as author-backed as Khilji’s. This drew an answer from Ranveer during a recent media interaction, when he asserted that he had done his best to welcome Shahid. “To be honest, I did my best to welcome him and did whatever I could do to be a supportive co-actor. But I think it’s got to do with the genre as well. I think Padmaavat is Shahid’s first costume drama and a costume drama has its own set of unique challenges, which I had faced during Bajirao Mastani and it takes some time to get adapted to it. I think he’s reacting to that.” Sweet attempt at pretending that all is well!

According to reports, however, Shahid does not want to be a part of joint media interactions with Ranveer Singh to avoid additional comparison. And though they did pose for one photograph together as they cut a cake, a full-blown party is definitely not on Shahid’s must-do list!