Who’s the one Ranveer is ready to do anything for?


Ranveer is the blue-eyed boy right now where filmmakers and the media are concerned – no one can seem to get enough of this Singh who is king!

At a recent red carpet event, he spoke about the feelings coursing through him at this point… “I am enjoying it,” he said, a tad cautiously about the mega success of Padmaavat. “I mean, I don’t get too carried away with success, neither do I get too bogged down by failure. What’s most important for me is that you deliver on your promise to the audience. You know, I have pledged to try and be the best entertainer that I can possibly be, and to see the kind of response, love and praise that people are showering on our performance is extremely heartening for me. It fills me with more motivation to go out and work even harder and keep doing good work. Of course, Padmaavat will be a gem in my filmography. It is one of those rare successes that gets the kind of critical acclaim that it has, as well as the commercial success. It’s been an avalanche of love coming from everywhere and it is quite overwhelming. But I haven’t really had the time to celebrate. I have been shooting Gully Boy every day and it is going extremely well. Things are just flowing along sparklingly, delightfully with Zoya (Akhtar) and Alia (Bhatt). I am really enjoying the shooting process. Honestly, what more can I ask for. It is my greatest gift that I can go to a film set every day and do what I love doing.”

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Now that’s the sort of attitude you can’t help but warm up to – not a trace of boastfulness in sight; just gratitude for all that’s coming his way.

In the midst of it all, he also had to mention the man he virtually worships… “I am ready to do anything for Bhansali! I understand too well that our collaboration is very special, and a lot of people recognise that. I recognise it too. I hope to do more films with him, and I hope that I am able to create a vast legacy of memorable films with such a special filmmaker,” he declared.

No wonder they all love this boy.