Abhishek Kapoor to be hauled to court?


The spat between Kedarnath producers KriArj Entertainment and T-Series on one side, and director Abhishek Kapoor’s Guy in The Sky Pictures on the other, is far from being sorted. Both parties have called off their association, with Abhishek citing lack of transparency and faulty payments.

Now an official statement has been released by KriArj Entertainment, which states, “Guy In The Sky Pictures is trying to wriggle out of a binding agreement. KriArj Entertainment and T-Series continue to own the film as its co-producers along with Balaji and also own its exclusive distribution rights. We are seeking legal recourse against Abhishek Kapoor and his production company for the various defaults committed by them of their commitments to both KriArj & T-Series. This includes attempts made by Guy in The Sky Pictures and Abhishek Kapoor to cheat KriArj Entertainment & T-Series after making them heavily invest in the Film. We no longer wish to make any further comments, the court proceedings will put all speculation to rest.”


Kedarnath, starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan, had already wrapped up its second schedule and was touted as one of the biggest releases of 2018. This fallout between its producers places its future in jeopardy.

One side of the story is that KriArj and T-Series had huge financial and creative differences with Abhishek who is said to have a history of falling out with his co-producers. Another bone of contention is the film’s release date that Abhishek went ahead and announced as December 21, 2018, which clashes with Aanand L Rai’s Zero starring Shah Rukh Khan.
Recent reports had suggested that Abhishek had requested his cousin Ekta Kapoor to get Balaji Motion Pictures on board as a full-time partner to help him complete Kedarnath. It is evidently in response to this buzz that KriArj has released their statement, underlining their ownership of the film.

This disaster film recreating the floods in Kedarnath is in for a rough ride ahead.