Skirt Day, Verbal Diarrhoea and more…When Priyanka phoned Ranveer!


What’s not to love about Priyanka Chopra’s midnight chat with Ranveer Singh?! The dude is in his car, prepping for his next scene in Gully Boy. Our diva is thousands of miles away in the USA, suddenly sending him a video call request on Instagram! Lots of love and laughter on this call, as ‘Bajirao’ and ‘Kashibai’ chatted and connected from across different continents…

She tells him the girls she’s with want to know what he is wearing. “I wore a green coloured skirt today,” he informs.

She’s thrilled to hear that. He explains that when they got off work the previous day, Zoya (Akhtar, director) sent a message to the entire crew that since it was Women’s Day the next day, she wanted everybody – and she meant everybody – to wear skirts! “So all the lightboys, all the guys, the girls, everybody had to wear a skirt. It is Skirt Day!” he says.

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She loves the idea and then recalls the time he wore a skirt in Bajirao Mastani. “You wore a long skirt and you were all kinds of cute in it, Ranveer,” she giggles. “Real men wear skirts!” he declares manfully.

They move on to talking about Women’s Day. “Do you think we need a day?” she asks. “No man,” he responds, “I don’t know why people have days for everything!” “Because we have to ask for people to give us importance, that’s why,” she supplies. He is not convinced. “I was raised by women, my Nani, my mum, my sister. I mean, whatever I am today is because of them, they raised me. They are like lionesses. I don’t know where I’d be or what I’d be… I am what I am because of them. And it’s great that we are celebrating women today… I’m just happy I’m talking to you. And I really have nothing intelligent to say,” he beams adorably.

Then he protests, “I need edits in life for my verbal diarrhoea,” while she chuckles and tells him he’s doing just fine.

“The things you talk me into, PC!” he grumbles. “Jesus Christ, man, I’m on shoot right now. I have to act and all, yaar!”

Arre, and you will so well, Ranno! Thank you, I’m sorry I put you in the spot.”

He tells her everyone misses her a lot and “why don’t you come back to India and do some more Hindi movies, for God’s sake, PC!”
“It’s almost happening, Ranno,” she assures.
“I want all the gup,” he tells her.

She quips, “I’ll give you all the gup when we’re not talking to the whole world!”

Not fair, PC, Ranno, we want it too!