Sanjay B Jumaani on the fiery Arian Singham superstar who is delivering hit after hit


It is Ajay Devgn’s birthday, his 49th.  And the actor, whose latest release Raid is steadily marching towards the Rs. 100 crores mark in its third week, is reportedly out of the country. Ajay is believed to have left Mumbai last night along with wife Kajol, daughter Nysa and son Yug on a holiday-cum-birthday celebration. The family is spending time together in Paris it is reliably learned.

Meanwhile, asked astro-numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani to shed some light on the action superstar who has been quietly and effectively delivering hit after hit at the box-office. Jumaani, who convinced filmmaker Rohit Shetty to go with the title Golmaal Again for his Diwali blockbuster with Devgn in the lead, says the actor (a No. 2) was tipped to have a special 47th year (adds up to 2) in 2016 (adds up to 9) as he’s also an Arian whose ruler is 9, Mars. That was also the year when Devgn picked up the prestigious Padma Shri from President Pranab Mukherjee.

According to Jumaani, Devgn was in the industry for 20 years but only after he changed his name (by dropping ‘a’ from Devgan) that the star became a superstar and started rubbing shoulders with the Bollywood Khans. The No. 2 actor who is an Arian with No. 9 (Mars) his ruler, found to his delight that his new name (Devgn) added up to 9 as well. Immediately after that, Devgn gave some of his biggest hits including Athiti Tum Kab Jaaoge, All The Best, Raajneeti, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Golmaal 6, Dil To Baccha Hai, Singham, Son of Sardaar, Bol Bachchan, Golmaal Again and Raid.

Jumaani further said, No. 2s are No. 1 in Bollywood. The film industry’s first three superstars are all No. 2s. The number represents a Dreamy and Romantic Moon on which many songs are picturized. Bollywood’s first superstar, the charismatic Rajesh Khanna (29/12) was a classic example of a No. 2. Then came another giant No. 2, Amitabh Bachchan (11/10). Shah Rukh Khan (2/11), who took over, is a No. 2 as well. So was Michael Jackson (29/08). Meanwhile, the fiery onscreen Ajay Devgn is also a ‘Fire’ sign in real life and what’s more, his lovely wife Kajol, a Leo (5/08) is a ‘Fire’ sign too. “Aata maazi satakli,” concluded Sanjay B Jumaani. Jumaani on the fiery Arian Singham superstar who is delivering hit after hit.