“Prep is my second favourite thing to do”: How Ranveer pulled off the Khilji look test


If you couldn’t take your eyes off Ranveer Singh in Padmaavat, you’re gonna love this brief yet dramatic transformation of the actor into the dreaded Alauddin Khilji. The behind the scenes video of the look test shows the crew milling around as the actor peers into the handheld mirror and slips in the contact lenses required for his character’s look.

“I like to see a visual, perhaps in the mirror, of what this person looks like…” He adds, “When I put on the stuff today, I don’t know, my voice automatically changed. I was making funny expressions, I was talking to myself. This is my favourite process. Other than the on-set process of actually shooting the film, prep is my second favourite thing to do – creating the character.”

As he says this he twirls in his robe, crown firmly placed on head, even as director Sanjay Leela Bhansali comes forward to congratulate him, saying it’s “superb!”

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Discussing his prep for the role, Ranveer had earlier revealed, “I took 21 days and locked myself up in my house. I kind of isolated myself, marinated into the character because I can’t relate to Alauddin Khilji, I can’t relate to that level of manipulativeness, greed and ambition. I had to tap into dark experiences but his world view is not something I can relate to also.”

He had added, “I knew how deep I had to go into this rabid hole. I would have had to go into this dark, black space; this abyss that could be dangerous for me. And it was…”
He needed the support of his family, friends and reportedly even a psychologist to help him pull out of the dark space he had gone into during the making of the film. “I was able to neutralise myself with the help of my family and friends. But it took a toll on me. But to see the film released and the love and appreciation pouring in for the work, it feels very fulfilling,” he maintained.

Watch how Ranveer, like a chameleon, transformed into the dreaded KHILJI: