How Kriti prepped for her crime journo role in Arjun Patiala…


Kriti Sanon is no lazy girl – she has diligently completed her prep for her current film, Arjun Patiala opposite Diljit Dosanjh. The film sees Kriti play a crime journalist and she did what it took to get into the skin of her character. She shares, “I watch the news channels not just to listen to what they are saying, but also to know how news is read. It was part of my homework.” Additionally, she had to become more fluent with Punjabi as she needed to get the accent right for her role in the film.

Playing Bitti Mishra in Bareilly Ki Barfi also needed groundwork – Kriti actually went to Lucknow and spent time with 15-20 college girls. She chatted with them about their life, living in a hostel, their boyfriends etc. She would listen to the recordings of these conversations and by the time filming started, she had naturally acquired the “sing-song twang in my voice which came with the dialect.”

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Raabta, in which she essayed a warrior princess, needed her to train in horse-riding and martial arts. The prep left her with bruises galore as she learnt the knack of controlling the horse with her legs, and the art of sitting just right on the horse. She got the hang of it and now hopes to continue with lessons when she gets the time. She also had to overcome her fear of water and learn scuba diving for the film as well. Training included lessons in weapon handling and martial arts, as her character was required to look strong and fearless.

Her debut Hindi film Heropanti included a lot of dancing and Kriti had to practice hard to make her moves look easy when they were not! There was additional pressure as she was performing opposite Tiger Shroff, who is one of the industry’s best! It helped that she had learnt Kathak as a child but trying to match the energy of the background dancers in films needed enormous practice, she admits.

Either way, it’s good to see this lass not shy away from giving it her best shot.