Author Taslima Nasreen reacts to Priyanka’s visit, says Rohingya children trafficked for sex every day


Author Taslima Nasreen is never afraid of saying it as she sees it. Priyanka Chopra recently shared on social media regarding her visit to Kutupalong, a refugee camp in Cox's Bazar (Bangladesh), one of the largest refugee camps in the world. The actress, who is United Nations Children's Fund's (UNICEF) Goodwill Ambassador for child rights, drew attention to the current crisis which has affected lakhs of Rohingyas in Myanmar (Burma) who have had to flee persecution and death, and escape to Bangladesh.


Posting pictures of her interaction with children at the refugee camp in Bangladesh, Priyanka wrote about the children who desperately need the world’s help. “The world needs to care. We need to care. These kids are our future,” she said.


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Now, in response to Priyanka’s message, Taslima Nasreen, Bangladeshi author who has been living in exile since 1994, has reacted with her own concerns. Pointing out that Rohingya children are trafficked for sex every day, Taslima asked, “Who cares?”
Her reaction has expectedly spurred a cascade of counter-reactions. While one user suggested that Taslima herself donate some of the money she makes on the international lecture circuit to Rohingya children, another pointed out that she shouldn’t make big claims as Priyanka has at least gone there while she herself has not managed to do that.


There has been no response from Priyanka to Taslima’s comment so far. However, this is not the first time that the author has called out Priyanka and her family. Back in 2011, she had reacted strongly to the 'Priyanka is like a son to me' comment by the actor's father. In an interview, Priyanka Chopra's father had heaped praises on his daughter saying, “For me, Priyanka is like a son. I remember, even as a child she was focused and determined. She wanted to excel in everything she did, and once she had put her mind into something, she would work rigorously hard to achieve it.”

Taslima, a staunch feminist, had tweeted, “Priyanka Chopra's father said, 'Priyanka is like a son to me'. What an uncouth idiot man! Daughter hatred not yet gone. I am waiting for the day when fathers would feel proud of their sons and say 'my son is like a daughter to me'.”
She had added, “We've begun to raise daughters more like sons…but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.”