Kunal Kohli announces his next film Ramyug. Here’s what he said about its star cast


Director and producer Kunal Kohli, who announced his upcoming film Ramyug on Thursday, said that it is the right time to make this film, given the changed mindset of today's youth. The Faana director interacted with the media at the film announcement event in Mumbai.

Commenting on the changed preferences of youth in terms of watching TV shows and movies, Kunal said: "Maybe that's why it is more important to make Ramyug now. Mindsets have changed so much that people think cursing on screen is now cool but our traditions and culture will never be outdated. It has survived for so many years.”

"I think it is wrong to assume that youth will or won't like something. It may be possible they don't know what they want, so until you present something in front of them, we won't know. We can't decide what youth wants,” he said.

The subject is interesting as well, Kunal said, adding, "I think there is nothing more historic, progressive and modern than Ramayana. We think we are very modern and progressive because of the language we use and see in the films, but the thoughts and your way of life can never be outdated. They will always be modern.”

When asked if making Ramyug could be risky, Kunal said, "I think there is always a risk in any film that one makes and the interpretation that one does. Filmmaking itself is a risk, one day you are on top and the other you are down. My career is in front of all of you... The moment you enter the film industry, you know there are going to be ups and downs."

Kunal said he had decided to work with new faces for the film.

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"I will introduce the star cast to everyone gradually. We have signed the star cast and will start the film shortly," he said.

Ramyug writer Kamlesh Pandey said that it's not an easy task to make this film, but he always wanted to write a story inspired by Ramayana.

"I have always been waiting and wanting to write (a story around) Ramayana. Writing this story is a challenge because everyone knows the story and the characters. In our country, history wasn't recorded at the time and people still think it is mythology and not true, but it is our history. There are 200 versions of Ramayana right now. And Ram Katha will always be relevant no matter which date and time we look at it in," Kamlesh said.

Kunal was last seen featuring in Phir Se, a project which he both directed and acted in alongside Jennifer Winget.

Ramyug, directed by Kunal, will be shot in Mauritius.