As I stopped singing for Shah Rukh, he came down to Lungi Dance: Abhijeet Bhattacharya


Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya was once the playback voice of Shah Rukh Khan. The songs he sang for the superstar became some of the signature songs in SRK’s career. He has crooned hit tracks like Chalte Chalte, Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon, Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai and many others but of late he stopped singing for the superstar. He is also well known for his aggressive comments and often high-handed comments that led to his Twitter account getting suspended twice.

At a recent media interaction, the singer was asked about his absence from the Bollywood and not singing for SRK anymore since his voice suited King Khan perfectly. To this Abhijeet said, “I made superstars with my voice. Till the time I sang for Shah Rukh Khan, he was a rock star. When I stopped singing for him, he came down to Lungi Dance."

For the unversed, Lungi Dance was sung by rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh and turned out to be a chartbuster, for Rohit Shetty's film Chennai Express.

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He further went on to reveal the real reason why he stopped singing for Shah Rukh. He said, “It was a very small reason why I stopped singing for Shah Rukh. In the film Main Hoon Na, they showed everyone on screen - from a spot boy to everyone else, except the singers. That time I let it go because it was the first time. But then, the same thing happened with Om Shanti Om. I had sung the song, Dhoom Tana. It was in my voice. But it wasn't shown anywhere. The self-respect was hurt. Why should I ask them to add my name? The problem is I don't lack anything. So why should I ask for this?"

He went on to take credit for making mere actors into superstars with his voice and claimed that people for whom he did not sing are nobody. He said, “The actors for whom I did not sing, never became superstars, you can count yourself.”

Well we agree that singers have always got a raw deal in Bollywood but taking credit for SRK’s success is a little too much, isn’t it?