Nana Patekar addresses sexual harassment claims: The truth which was 10 years ago, remains the same today


Tanushree Dutta recently created a huge stir in Bollywood and ignited a #MeToo revolution after she accused veteran actor Nana Patekar of sexual harassment on the sets of the film Horn OK Pleasss. After giving several statements to the media, the actress even filed a complaint against Nana, Ganesh Acharya, producer Sameer Siddiqui, director Rakesh Sarang and MNS workers.

Although Nana kept mum amidst the entire fiasco, the actor finally opened up on the charges levelled against him and started off by telling the media today at his residence, "I always meet you guys, I have no problem with that. But, when she has reacted, I had to do this (press conference), so will you please pardon me for that?" The actor further stated, "What should I say? I said 10 years ago. The truth which was 10 years ago, remains the same today and will continue to be tomorrow as well."

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Nana also addressed his stance of keeping quiet on the issue by mentioning that his lawyer has advised him not to speak on the matter.

Meanwhile, Nana on Monday cancelled a press conference, where he was supposed to address Tanushree's accusations. However, as per a leading website, his son Malhar Patekar told the media, stationed at the venue since morning, that his father thought it would be better to speak to media persons individually than have a press conference!

Earlier too, Nana refuted all allegations by Tanushree and mentioned that "a lie is a lie." For now, we await what Tanushree has to say on this.