Halloween 2018: From Stree to Pari, 5 spooky films to accompany you on an eerie night


It’s a bright morning and you are already done with most of the day; dusk will set in a while but guess what, the night will be nothing short of creepy because it’s Halloween, guys. Posts that you will be scanning on your Instagram feed throughout the day will indefinitely make you feel uncanny but if you think that the devil may care (this time, quite literally), then you actually have nothing to fear.

If you are spending Halloween alone instead of indulging in costume parties, we can make it better for you. Here’s a list of six horror films that you can watch on Halloween and party with yourself and maybe, with your faint shadow on the wall, and of course, the spooky aura in your dark room – just kidding, folks - we don’t mean to scare you. Aside: if you are scared of horror films, this post is not for you. Also, God save you today because even if you don’t end up watching stuff on television, who will rescue you from social media?

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Well, well. For those who are looking forward to this piece, here you go.


[caption id="attachment_126004" align="aligncenter" width="647"] A poster of Stree.[/caption]

If you are considerably doubtful about watching horror, Stree could be a good option because it’s relatively less scary. Rajkummar Rao’s funny dialogues add the correct punch in the film while Shraddha Kapoor stars as a female ghost, who exists in Chanderi town. She is beautiful but slightly queer. You are getting us, right?


[caption id="attachment_159680" align="aligncenter" width="647"] A poster of Pari.[/caption]

Of course, this film is supposed to make it to the list. If you are a Bollywood junkie, watch Anushka Sharma in Pari – even if the plot doesn’t scare you, her long nails, white outfit, pale face and poodles of blood, here and there, will.  Also, guys, those who are considering watching Pari for the first time, we suggest, keep the lights on – even after the film concludes.


[caption id="attachment_159681" align="aligncenter" width="647"] A poster of Tumbbad.[/caption]

You might have watched Tumbbad at the theatre weeks ago but if you are fond of fantasy – horror films, you are good to go with this film for today. Good background music and stunning visuals - Tumbbad is way beyond being just frightening.

Woh Kaun Thi?

[caption id="attachment_159682" align="aligncenter" width="647"] A still from Woh Kaun Thi.[/caption]

In case you want to use Halloween as a celebration during which you wouldn’t mind travelling back in time, Woh Kaun Thi? is what you should choose from the list today. The psychological - mystery film stars Manoj Kumar and Sadhana, and boasts of romantic yet eerie songs such as Naina Barse and how could you even forget – Lag Jaa Gale.

Bhool Bhulaiya

[caption id="attachment_159683" align="aligncenter" width="647"] A still from Bhool Bhulaiya.[/caption]

For those who are interested in intermingling fun with mystery, Bhool Bhulaiya is a possible option. Vidya Balan’s bloodcurdling voice as possessed Manjulika and Akshay Kumar’s amusing antics are a perfect combination for skeptical horror-film buffs.


[caption id="attachment_159684" align="aligncenter" width="647"] A poster of Raaz.[/caption]

Bipasha Basu’s film is a personal favourite, especially because of the songs and picturesque locations. Also, we just cannot forget the arresting visuals and the fact that this film was capable of creating an eerie atmosphere without being gory. Btw, Dino Morea is a bonus.

Happy Halloween! Do let us know how it was.