Priyanka Chopra’s wedding kalire were beautiful beyond belief, especially because of intricate details


It’s been over a month since Priyanka Chopra married Nick Jonas but the universe, of course, isn’t over it as inside pictures from their wedding and other details as well end up surfacing on the internet every other day. Consider jewellery designer Mrinalini Chandra’s Instagram post for instance in which she elaborated on Priyanka’s custom-made kalires apart from sharing close -up shots of them as well.

Mrinalini is responsible for designing Priyanka’s kalires to perfection as she described in her post, adding that they have been created intricately with several details that the bride desired in the piece of jewellery worn during traditional Hindu weddings.

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“From a Symbol from Greece where Nick proposed to her to Cupid, to a cross and the Trishul from both their religions, To an engraved silhouette of both of them to Mr. Chip Potts - The couple’s favourite character from the beauty and the beast each kalira was a symbol of their love for each other,” Mrinalini wrote in her post.

See for yourself:

Nick and Priyanka married in a two-part wedding ceremony at the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur – on December 1 in a Christian wedding and as per Hindu traditions on December 2. The couple hosted three receptions after returning from Jodhpur. The first event was held at The Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi on December 4 in honour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi – the second one for the press in Mumbai while the third one was held in the Maharashtra capital as well for Priyanka’s friends from the film fraternity.