October trailer: Love, pain and all things beautiful in this Varun film


If you have been intrigued by the past teasers, the trailer of October does give us more insight into what the film is about… Not a love story, but a story about love, Dan (Varun Dhawan) is a hotel management student working in a five-star hotel as part of his training programme. Young and sincere he is, to the point of even swatting flies outside the entrance of the hotel! But clearly, the job is not exactly a bed of roses for him.

We spot glimpses of a budding bond between him and batch-mate Shiuli (Banita Sandhu). But it isn’t the romance and roses variety of relationship here. Then, a sudden change… Shiuli has clearly faced a life-threatening catastrophe and is in the ICU. In hospital, for some strange reason, she has apparently asked for Dan by name. He is perplexed about why she has specifically asked for him, why he is the first person she has remembered. And then begins what is to become the new pattern of his life – a daily routine at the hospital with Shiuli.

Friends, family, all is placed on the backburner as Dan devotes every second of his free time to Shiuli. A nurse, who is exasperated by his constant questions, swats him away with a ‘Don’t you have any work?’ But Dan is that kind of staunch and obstinate lover or friend who will not vanish. We see him promising a frail, wheelchair-bound Shiuli that he will never ever leave her again.

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Stories about love do pull harder at the heartstrings… Talking about this Shoojit Sircar directorial, Varun had earlier said, “I have been an ardent fan of Shoojit da’s work and have always wanted to work with him. October is a beautiful story in which I play a character with many layers. It’s a difficult character to play. I just want to surrender to my part and show people a new side of me. Shoojit da, Ronnie (Lahiri) and Juhi (Chaturvedi) have always made good cinema. I feel grateful to join their team.” The actor also tweeted, “October is not a movie about love at first sight. It’s not a movie about hugs, kisses and dates…” It isn’t… it’s about love that’s part pain, part sacrifice, part devotion, and we can’t wait to plunge fully into this story about love.