Janhvi took Sridevi for a spin while test-riding a motorbike


In most families, the responsibility of teaching the daughter how to ride a bicycle and the son a motorcycle lies with the father. We don’t know who was Janhvi Kapoor’s instructor, it could have been Boney Kapoor, but when the debutante actress daringly decided she wanted to test ride a high-powered motorbike, the person she chose to ride pillion with her was her mother Sridevi!

Yes, in this exclusive video PeepingMoon.com has got, you can clearly see the daughter and mother taking a tentative and shaky ride on the motorbike in the car park of their resident apartment Green Acres in Lokhandwala. They are not alone, of course, the family’s bodyguards are on duty and seen chasing the motorbike to make sure Janhvi does not have a spill and take Sridevi down with her.

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It was all good fun, however, and done late at night, when the rest of Green Acres was fast asleep and unlikely to be disturbed by the squeals of fear from Janhvi as the bike picked up speed and raced across the compound. And though it was after hours and done in the relative safety of her home, Janhvi took the precaution of wearing a helmet for the test ride, the Traffic Police to please note.


When the motorbike putters to a halt, Janhvi can be heard almost sobbing in relief. Mama Sridevi, however, nimbly leaped off the two-wheeler. She was a veteran of cinema, and she’d pulled off stunts and action scenes with Bollywood’s best, what was a 30-second motorbike ride with her elder daughter? Absolute child’s play for the iconic actress. As to why Janhvi wanted to try her hand on this high-powered bike, it is believed the actress has some scenes in her Bollywood debut Dhadak that require her to ride a motorcycle. The romantic drama produced by Dharma Productions and Zee Studios starring Ishaan Khattar opposite Janhvi, is said to be a remake of the 2016 Marathi film Sairat. And if you have seen Sairat, you will know that the actress Rinku Rajguru (whose role Janhvi plays in Dhadak) rides a motorbike. Fans of Sridevi will be pleased to see her in this video... even if may well be the last ride the superstar took.