CBFC chief Prasoon Joshi reacts to blurring alcohol scene in 'Ford v Ferrari' controversy, and we wonder what Farhan Akhtar has to say


The recently released Hollywood film Ford v Ferrari starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon became a subject of intense discussion and controversy in Bollywood after several celebrities including Farhan Akhtar raised objections with respect to the sequence consisting of alcohol being blurred out. Soon, Farhan, through his Twitter account pointed out towards the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and questioned the reason behind blurring out that particular scene to make it suitable for viewership. And now, after maintaining silence over this controversy, the head of CBFC, Prasoon Joshi, in a statement, issued a clarification. The writer-lyricist, in his statement, mentioned that CBFC never asked the makers of Ford v Ferrari to blur any shots. He further said that such false news disappointed him and added that the blurring was done by the makers at the source itself without having any connection with CBFC's decision.

"This is to clarify once and for all that CBFC never asked the makers of 'Ford v Ferrari' to blur any shots in the film. I am disappointed with those who propagated false news that CBFC has asked for blurring shots in Ford v Ferrari," "The blurring was done voluntarily by the makers and has nothing to do with CBFC," Prasoon told. Furthermore, he continued to inform that not blurring scenes but CBFC did request the makers to 'mute or replace' four expletives as well as an addition of an anti-tobacco disclaimer. 

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Speaking of Farhan's retaliation, the actor, on Twitter, on November 13, took a sharp dig at the censorship board and wrote, "The day is not far when they’ll just have the script read out in theatres. Why the Indian adult is treated like a delinquent who can’t think for him/herself or tell right from wrong is beyond me!!"


Talking about Ford v Ferrari, the film hit the Indian screens on November 15, 2019, and revolves around the feud between Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari as they both competed to win Le Mans World Championship in France in 1966.

(Source: India Today/Twitter)