EXCLUSIVE: It is a holistic way of giving hope to the people: Dhvani Bhanushali on her special song 'Jeetenge Hum' amid COVID-19 pandemic


Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series recently released Jeetenge Hum, a special song aimed at lifting the spirits of viewers and listeners during a challenging health crisis, Coronavirus, that the world continues to battle. Featuring one of the most successful pop sensations, Dhvani Bhanushali, the inspiring song, Jeetenge Hum encourages people to stay positive while spreading the message of positivity, love and hope.

Composed by Lijo George and DJ Chetas with lyrics by Manoj Muntashir, Jeetenge Hum is directed by team Trigger Happy. The video was shot on phone entirely at Dhvani's home, in natural light with minimal resources and no technology support. The video of the new age patriotic anthem features iconic landmarks from across the country with people from varied cultures and different backgrounds, including the police force, fire fighters, public service and healthcare workers - all representing the indomitable spirit of India.

In an exclusive chat with PeepingMoon.com, Dhvani revealed the idea behind Jeetenge Hum and talked about how she manages to always stay on top of the rankings with her tracks. Excerpts from the interview:

Jeetenge Hum aims to spread the message of hope. Can you elaborate the idea behind the song?

So basically we are all at home and during the lockdown, I felt that you get upset that you are packed in your house for a long time. Maybe, this song will help people during this tough time. We wanted to show the status of our country and how important it is to stay at home and be safe. The song is about the spirit of these people. 

How was it to shoot the entire song on the phone?

Most of the shots are of the country. My dad (Vinod Bhanushali, President, Global Marketing and Media Publishing, T-Series) is not a cinematographer or a cameraman. So whatever shot we could take at home, we gave it to the people who had to edit it and direct it. They were on a video call and telling us what to do. It was fun to do this with my dad and my dog Leo also featured in it. This was a good family activity.

How is your different from other songs about COVID-19 and peoples’ spirits?

Every other song has the same message of telling people to stay at home and give hope to people. So even we are doing the same thing. But you can see the lyrics, they are a little different from others. We also talk about women in the antara. So it is a holistic way of giving hope to the people and that’s how our song is different from people who have done it so far. 

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How do you think music helps people as the nation fights against COVID-19?

Music is a magic pill right now, not just right now but otherwise too. You listen to music according to your mood, right? So it cures all problems, lockdown or no lockdown. Right now with people at home, it is certainly uplifting them. 

How do you manage to top the music charts rankings with every song?

I don’t think about rankings, I just think about making good music for people, something that’s relatable. So maybe that's why people pick up on it. If i start thinking about ranks, I cannot do that. If you do, you cannot love music and you just want to be on top or something. And that’s not my point of view. I make stuff that makes me happy. 

How are you spending time during quarantine?

I am learning to get better at singing. I am also focussing on theory and practical both. I never really learnt that before so I am getting myself trained.