Watch: Arjun Rampal is being ‘civilized again’ as he chops off his ‘lockdown beard’ with some help from girlfriend Gabriella Demetriades


Actor Arjun Rampal got fed up with his lockdown beard and decided to shave it off with help from his girlfriend Gabriella Demetriades. On Monday, Arjun took to social media to share videos and photographs, capturing the moment when he got rid of his beard. In the first video, he could be seen standing in front of a mirror, shirtless, with Gabriella filming the process next to him.

"So quarantine has been extended till 31st of May, and I can't grow this beard any further. So Gabrielle is going to help me cut it, and if I don't post in another 2 hours... you know exactly how it went," he said in the video.

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"The extended quarantine has got the better of my beard. Time to let it go!!!! Hopefully it grows back before filming commences....#hairtodaygonetomorrow," he captioned his post.

The second video was a time lapse capturing the process. It shows Gabriella first using scissors on his beard then an electric trimmer.


It’s started

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"It's started," he captioned the second video.

Finally, he shared a photograph of himself in his new look without the beard. "All done, back to being civilised. Yay or Nay? #iseeme," he wrote.


All done, back to being civilised. Yay or Nay? #iseeme

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Arjun and Gabriella are spending their lockdown period in Karjat with their son Arik.