Please tell everyone it is not a paid promotion of ‘Koki Poochega’: Kartik Aaryan tells Karan Johar as he heaps praise on the actor’s YouTube series


Karan Johar recently conducted Instagram live to connect with his fans and netizens and the session turned out to be a hilarious event with a chat between the filmmaker and Kartik Aaryan. Kartik Aaryan who’s known for his wit and effortless charm left some comments that had us in splits and the filmmaker praised the actor in return for his new venture. 

Aaryan who’s a sensation on social media as well was seen dropping comments on KJo’s live chat. The actor first dropped a comment on Karan’s new avatar where he’s seen sporting white hair. Aaryan commented saying, ‘Bhala aap ke baal mere daanto se safed kaise (why are your hair whiter than my sparkling whites)’ leaving the filmmaker and the netizens in splits. The director sang praises for the actor and especially about his show, he said, “Kartik I’m loving your series and I love your interaction with your mom at home.’ Now this coming from the baap of the chat show host, is surely a big thing for the young actor. Well, we couldn’t agree more, the talented superstar is doing a fantabulous job with his hit series. 

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When the director was signing off, Kartik decided to further add some fun to the chat and dropped a comment on his chat session saying, “Karan please tell everyone this was not a paid promotion of Koki Poochega.” To which the hit filmmaker laughed off and said, “I don’t do paid promotions and I genuinely think that Kartik is genius in what he’s doing. I just said, because I meant it.” Now that’s really sweet and at the same time a big thumbs-up coming from the man who sits on the throne of the controversial couch. 

Kartik Aaryan last year made his debut on Karan’s show Koffee With Karan and even won the Koffee hamper. The season was almost ruled by Kartik Aaryan conversations as some young leading ladies confessed their love for the actor and the actor was left blushing while responding to them. Karan Johar and Kartik Aaryan collaborate for first time with Dostana 2 where the hunk will be seen with Janhvi Kapoor. We’re surely excited for this highly awaited film and can’t wait to be entertained and roll on our seats with laughter.

(Source: Agencies)