Sara Ali Khan receives backlash for her 'All Lives Matter' post, fans support her by asking 'what's wrong in it?'


After the news of the brutal killing of an African-American 46-year-old security guard named George Floyd in Minneapolis did the rounds, citizens across the globe started the movement Black Lives Matter. Now, days after the movement, a new trend named All Lives Matter is gaining ground. Reiterating the fact that all humans, irrespective of caste, creed, race, colour and more, are important, Bollywood celebrities are actively taking a stand for the welfare of all. Sara Ali Khan joined the bandwagon by sharing a post on Instagram. However, she landed in trouble soon after.

Sara, after sharing the All Lives Matter post, received severe backlash on Twitter. Users not just called her privileged for not understanding the problems faced by blacks but questioned her political science degree from Columbia University. Sara reportedly deleted the post after receiving backlash.


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On the other hand, Kamaal R Khan, a self-proclaimed film critic and actor, mocked Sara for her All Lives Matter post and slammed her for not standing up for migrant workers walking kilometres together to reach home. 

While certain Twitter users slammed Sara, fans jumped to her support by questioning, 'what's wrong in it?' Users went on to criticise naysayers and said such issues need to be raised in public. 


(Source: Twitter)