The Class of 2020: ‘Throw your hats high towards the sky for the horizon is just the beginning of your limit,’ says Hrithik Roshan as he applauds the graduating batch


With the ongoing graduation season, and the ceremonies being cancelled due to the pandemic, the class of 2020 still has a major milestone to celebrate. To mark the beginning of their future, Hrithik Roshan gave the welcome keynote address for the students at a recent online graduation ceremony which was streamed on Youtube for the class of 2020.

Hrithik shared a glimpse of his speech on his social media account and the caption read as, “My Dear Graduating Batch of 2020 stars, Throw your hats high towards the sky for the horizon is just the beginning of your limit. My Love & congratulations to each one of you for giving your best. Keep shining. Stay a student. And may your journey be filled with great teachers every time you search for answers.” While Hrithik understands that it may be devastating for the students to miss out on their much awaited graduation ceremony, he is also sure that these young and bright people have something powerful in store for their future.

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Conveying a message full of wisdom and humility, Hrithik shared an interesting message for the class of 2020. He congratulated them, said Bravo and also shared how he knows what they must be feeling right now. At the same time shared that the future depends on them, their choices and attitudes. He also asks them to be adventurous by improving in this chaos, disorder, discomfort and uncertainty.

An excerpt from his message was, "'The finest steel must go through the hottest fire', and that is what I based my life on and that is something that I believe in and I truly believe that something very special is going to come out of these times, something very special is going to be born inside of you that is going to show you the way." It was quite an empowering message and Hrithik’s positive words to the class of 2020 are the rays of hope we need during such testing times.

(Source: Agencies/Instagram)