'Sushmita Sen refused to lip-sync suggestive lyrics in Mehboob Mere forcing Anu Malik to modify them,' reveals choreographer Ganesh Hegde


Sushmita Sen has been an inspiration for millions of young girls and aspiring actresses. Be it parenting two beautiful daughters by herself or introducing strong characters through films, she stood out of the crowd and commanded respect rightfully. Now, as she is dominating the digital space with her comeback series titled Aarya, Ganesh Hegde, who choreographed the song Mehboob Mere from Fiza, recalled an incident when Sushmita refused to lip-sync a particular line for being suggestive. Ganesh, during an interview with a publication, said the 44-year-old actress firmly held her ground that she won't sing the lines, 'aa garmi le mere seene se'. As a result, Anu Malik, the composer, had to change it to 'aa narmi le mere aankhon se'.

"There was a line that went ‘aa garmi le mere seene se (come feel the heat of my bosom)’ and she refused to sing it. She said, ‘I won’t just do it’", Ganesh told.


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Saying that the kind of respect Sushmita got back then was unheard of, Ganesh gushed that the actress dominated the screen with her presence. "It was unheard of at that point of time, to command and extract that kind of respect. She dominated the screen. I knew that from the first time I choreographed her for a stage performance, and unlike what we did with most actors, we let her dance alone on the stage to Sting’s Desert Rose. It’s a gamble on a massive stage like that, but I knew Sushmita could hold the stage down all by herself," he said.

"But then, there is nothing usual about her. A lot of the dancing, especially the belly dancing moves, she did herself. There’s a trance-like feel to her dancing and in those sequences, I did not do anything. It was mostly her," Ganesh added.

(Source: Huff Post)