After A.R.Rahman, Oscar-winner Resul Pookutty says, 'I'd gone through breakdown as nobody gave me work in hindi films'


Music maestro A.R. Rahman, during an interview with a radio channel, revealed the reason behind fewer collaborations in Bollywood as compared to the South. The music composer who weaved magic in the recently premiered Dil Bechara, went on to say that there is groupism in Bollywood and 'a whole gang working against him'. Soon after the statement went viral, Shekhar Kapur came out in support of the music legend and opined that the problem lies behind his win at the Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire in 2008. Taking the discussion of not receiving work in Bollywood, Resul Pookutty revealed about his experience of groupism. 

The sound designer and editor who won the Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing along with Richard Pryke and Ian Tapp for Slumdog Millionaire, replied to Shekhar and said, "Dear @shekharkapur ask me about it, I had gone through near breakdown as nobody was giving me work in Hindi films and regional cinema held me tight after I won the Oscar... There were production houses told me at my face ”we don’t need you” but still I love my industry,for it"


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He continued the thread by recalling how the industry taught him to dream but only a few continue believing in him. "it taught me how to dream… there were handful of people who trusted me and believed in me, they still do! I could have easily shifted to Hollywood but I didn’t and will not… my work in India won me the Oscar, I got nominated six time for #MPSE and won too… again all that for the work I have done here.. There will always people to run you down but I have far more faith in my people than anybody else!" he tweeted.

Speaking of the 'Oscar Curse', Resul said, "And much later when I discussed this with my @TheAcademy members friends they told me about #OscarCurse! It’s faced by everybody! I enjoyed going through that phase, when you are on top of the world & when you know people reject you, it’s the biggest reality check!"

Saying that years later, the Oscar Curse is over, Resul clarified that he isn't blaming anyone for not taking him in their films. "All my post r not seen in my timeline, posting it here again so that it’s not wrongly interpreted.Oscar curse is over, We moved on.I’m also not liking the direction in which the whole nepotism discussion is going. So peace! I’m not blaming anybody fr nt taking me in their films," Resul tweeted.

(Source: Twitter)