‘We are back together, trying to iron out things,’ says Poonam Pandey as she makes amends with husband Sam Bombay after accusing him of physical abuse


Poonam Pandey’s marriage with Sam Bombay on September 9 left everyone surprised. However, more shocking was the news of their apparent fallout due to domestic violence and physical and sexual abuse, so much so, that Poonam filed a complaint against Sam and he was taken into custody. However, now it seems the couple have sorted out their differences and are happily posting pictures of each other on social media.

An online portal reached out to the couple and they have confirmed that they indeed are back together and have kissed and made up to start life afresh. Poonam said, “We are trying to iron out things and have more or less sorted it all out.” Sam also chipped in and said, “Everything is sorted. It all got blown out of proportion. It got distorted, I would say.”


Here’s looking forward to seven lifetimes with you.

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Poonam further added, “We are back together. You know what? We both love each other too much. We are madly in love. And, which shaadi does not have its ups and downs?” She also said that their families mediated and said, “Of course, families are important. But we tackled it ourselves. I am feeling very, very happy.” The newlyweds will be back in Mumbai after their honeymoon in Goa.


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In a separate interview, Poonam revealed what prompted her to make amends with Sam and said, “Because he is just crying in front of me and I really don’t know what to do? Every time he just beat me up and later starts crying saying sorry. This time also he did the same and promised it will not happen again and I will treat you good. But this is something he keeps doing always. Because of him I got a brain haemorrhage.”

Sam had previously deleted all pictures of their marriage from his social media handle but now after making amends with Poonam have posted the photos back.

(Source: TOI/Spotboye)