Age 21 trend: Anubhav Sinha reveals his first salary was Rs 80, Hansal Mehta recalls working as a salesperson at a clothes shop for Rs 450


The latest trend to take over Twitter is one where users are sharing details of their first salary, how they earned it and at what age. Filmmakers Anubhav Sinha, Hansal Mehta and Umesh Shukla also hopped on the bandwagon and shared details about their first remuneration catching up with the ‘Age 21’ and 'First Salary' trend.

Anubhav revealed that the first salary he earned was just Rs 80. He revealed that he was in engineering college at the time and earned the money by tutoring a seventh grade student. He wrote, “First Salary- Rs 80. Age- 18. Arithmetic tuition to a class 7 student to earn for my smoking in the Engg college.”

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Hansal also replied to Anubhav’s tweet and shared details about his first salary that he earned at the young age of 16. He tweeted that he worked at a retail shop as a salesperson and used the money to buy his junior college wardrobe.

Umesh’s first salary was a meagre Rs 35 per show, when he worked in theatre under director Mahendra Joshi. He also shared that he worked as a sales man for Leo Toys n NikiTasha kitchenette.

(Source: Twitter)