Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal move in together into a sea-facing apartment


Soon after returning from Egypt’s El Gouna Film Festival, lovebirds Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha, have moved in together into a plush sea-facing apartment. The two were supposed to get married in April this year but COVID-19 put a halt to their plans. 

Their move-in was long overdue. “The lease on my previous apartment had expired in March but the lockdown postponed the shift,” she reasoned, saying that they started house-hunting in August. “We wanted peace and this place which is close to the sea, is in a neighbourhood full of retired people. Unlike Bandra and Andheri, which are crawling with paparazzi, it is more secluded and affords some privacy. I don’t have to dress up to go to the gym, or to run errands.”

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“We will stay here for a few years now,” the actress added, pointing out that they are still living out of boxes. “There was a water-leakage issue when we moved in, and for two days we didn’t have water or a Wi-Fi connection. I have a script reading, Ali is off on a shoot, the plumber is working, and the gardener is here. It’s all happening at once with my brother helping us settle in.”

Talking about her new flatmate, she said, “He is fun, and unlike most boys, likes to help around. He chose the curtains without fuss; luckily, our aesthetics match for the most part. It’s good to finally be able to take decisions together, right from what soap to buy to which maid to hire. Ali is a better cook, specially when it comes to continental cuisine. When we went grocery shopping, his bag was bigger than mine. I enjoy organic farming and here we have a space to grow a kitchen garden of our own, which he is helping me with.”

On their new wedding date, she said, “How does one set a date when the number of cases is spiking every day? Till there’s a vaccine, there’s no use zeroing on a date." “We had planned it as a three-city affair so everyone could attend. Ali’s grandparents are old and to make them travel would be unfair. Now, there’s even more reason to minimise travel, so there’s no reason why the plan should change,” she said.

(Source: Mumbai Mirror)