The attention it received was quite unexpected; it’s just a song that I tried to revamp: Lucky Ali on ‘O Sanam’ going viral


Lucky Ali is perhaps one of 90s biggest pop stars whose soulful and melodious music has stood the test of time and still popular. So much so, that recently an unplugged version of the singer singing his biggest hit O Sanam went viral on the internet and people started remembering the good old 90s pop and why we can’t have the same lilting music today. In an interview with a leading daily, Lucky spoke about the viral video, remixes and his upcoming projects.

Talking about the popularity of O Sanam that released in 1996 and the way it lit up the internet in 2020 he said, “I hadn’t really been thinking about it. Someone asked me to sing it on video, and I obliged. The attention it received was quite unexpected. For me it’s just a song that I tried to revamp. I generally don’t think about popularity. We do a lot of work- some get due attention, some don’t.”

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Lucky also spoke about the thought process behind penning O Sanam and said, “The song came to me very naturally. It’s about the sanam that everyone has. It is about longing. The song is a reminder that nothing is perfect in the time-space that we are. All the songs back then were done at the spur of the moment, no branding, no promotions etc. Sometimes the songs would come to me first, and sometimes the rhythm. It would all be in my head but putting it together would be difficult. It would take me months and, at times, years to get a song ready for listeners.”

Lucky also revealed that hopefully he would be releasing two songs before the end of the year as most of the work on them is complete.

(Source: TOI)