Mukesh Khanna disapproves of 'Raavan' Saif Ali Khan's apology for Adipurush comment, asks 'Why did you not think before speaking?'


Saif Ali Khan, who has been signed to play the role Raavan in Om Raut's Adipurush, claimed in an interview that the makers will humanise the character and justify his abduction of Sita. Soon, after facing extreme backlash, Saif issued an apology. But it seems Mukesh Khanna hasn't accepted his apology. The Shaktiman actor, on his Instagram, released a video slamming Saif for making such a statement and hurting the sentiments of Hindus. 

The Mahabharat actor started the video by saying, "Filmmakers are still using movies to attack our religion. Laxmi Bomb exploded just recently and another attack has been launched. Famous artist Saif Ali Khan has made an objectionable disclosure in an interview. Saif Ali Khan said in this interview that it will be very interesting for him to play the character of Lankesh Ravana in the movie AdiPurush, which is made on a big budget. In it, Ravana is shown not to be evil but human and entertaining. We will make him kind. In that Sita-haran will be justified."


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Claiming that Saif is playing with the faith of Indians, Mukesh lashed out at the actor for his 'foolishness'. "Do not know why Saif feels that it will be so easy. Lankesh is not a ball that you want to spin with your bat. Should I call it naiveté or foolishness? They do not know that they are playing with the faith of crores of Indians in the country, or that they know it and are still deliberately saying these things. Or should I call it the audacity of the director-producer who calls himself an intellectual, who still has a desire to make such films," Mukesh said. 

He added, "Try playing such game with characters from other religions. Show the evil as good and the good as evil. They will beat you up. Rama cannot become Ravan. The same way that, Ravan cannot be Ram. So why is this game of making Ravana kind? Is there any motive in this too? Or the tried and tested film promotion of these people. I cannot say. The public will have to think for themselves. I felt bad so I said this. All of you also think about whether you also felt bad or not."

Talking about Saif's apology, Mukesh asked why didn't he think before speaking. "Now the breaking news is that Saif has written an apology for his statement. Wow! The British have made a beautiful word, ‘sorry’. Shoot the arrow, throw the bomb, punch someone and then say sorry. But we do not approve. Why did you not think before speaking?" he told.

In the interview, Saif said, "It’s interesting to play a demon king, less strictures in that. But we will make him humane, up the entertainment quotient, justify his abduction of Sita and the war with Ram as revenge for what was done to his sister Surpanakha by Lakshman, who cut off his nose." 

He apologised saying, "I’ve been made aware that one of my statements during an interview, has caused a controversy and hurt people’s sentiments. This was never my intention or meant that way. I would like to sincerely apologise to everybody and withdraw my statement. Lord Ram has always been the symbol of Righteousness & Heroism for me. Adipurush is about celebrating the victory of good over evil and the entire team is working together to present the epic without any distortions"

(Source: Instagram)