Diljit Dosanjh slams Kangana Ranaut for calling him and Priyanka Chopra Jonas 'anti-national'


Diljit Dosanjh has not taken kindly to Kangana Ranaut’s jibe that he vanished after tweeting in support of the ongoing Farmers’ Protest and inciting the mob. Kangana apparently called him an anti-national for opposing the Government’s proposed Farmers Bill. Kangana had similarly taken a jibe at Priyanka Chopra Jonas as well.

Responding to a publication’s video about Kangana’s claims, Diljit tweeted in Punjabi, "Don’t even think that I have disappeared. Who gave her the authority to decide who is a patriot and who is an anti-national? Who made her an authority on the matter? Have some shame before you label farmers as anti-nationals."

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He had also given a befitting response to those who ridiculed the ongoing farmers’ protests by saying that the farmers are being fed pizzas. Pictures from the so-called ‘pizza langar’ went viral a few days back where many wondered how can poor farmers afford pizzas. Diljit shared a photo bearing the text, “Farmers consuming poison was never a concern, but farmers eating pizza is news.”

In a series of tweets, Kangana had targeted Diljit and Priyanka for showing their solidarity towards the farmers. She claimed the protests resulted in a cumulative loss of Rs 70,000 crores and reminded them of the ‘serious consequences’ of their support to the farmers.

She wrote, “They have both incited the farmers and disappeared and now look at the state of our farmers and our country. When well-known personalities mislead the innocent and support anti-national causes such as the anti-CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh and now the farmers' protests, shouldn't the government investigate them or file a case against them? Is there no punishment for such anti-national activities that openly seek to tear the country apart?”

(Source: Twitter)