What is the point of not showing what exists?: Milind Soman on Paurashpur's erotic and violent content


Milind Soman left fans surprised with his look from the upcoming show Paurashpur. A tale of love, lust and redemption, the series will release on ALT Balaji and ZEE5 on December 29. Ahead of its release, Milind spoke to a leading daily about the content of the show which has its own share of eroticism. Talking about his character and usage of sex and violence in the show, Milind said there is no point in not showing what exists. 

"See, finally, it is the prerogative of the directors and producers and how they want to tell a story, whether sex and violence should be shown because it exists. I mean, what is the point of not showing what exists? We hide enough in real life. We have enough oppression and injustice going on that we try to hide in our own lives and our society, so what is the point of hiding it in a story when you are trying to bring it out? Of course, the actual depiction is a matter of discussion - how much is too much, and so on. But you can’t hide it. If there is sex, there is sex. If there is violence, there is violence," he told.

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He added, "I was discussing with someone the other day about the line between what is justifiable and not justifiable, censorship, and so on. It is finally a choice. You have to tell people, ‘Sex will be shown. If you don’t want to watch it, don’t watch this. There is bad language. There is violence. If you don’t want to see blood, don’t watch it for sure.’ That is given and then, people have the choice. Because finally, if you don’t give them the choice, they will never understand anything."

In October, the Goa police allegedly booked Milind for obscenity under IPC Section 294 (Obscene acts and songs) and 67 (Punishment for publishing/transmitting obscene material in electronic form) of IT Act for share a picture where he was seen running naked on a beach on his 55th birthday. Soon after sharing the post, Milind received backlash for promoting nudity. Talking to PeepingMoon exclusively, Milind reacted to the case registered by the Goa police. He denied receiving any notice. "I don't know if anyone has filed a complaint. No one told me about it and I have no official notification," he said. 

(Source: Hindustan Times)