Deepika Padukone calls husband Ranveer Singh versatile, feels 'he is probably the best actor we’ve had in a really long time'


Ranveer Singh is one of Bollywood's most bankable stars. Be it action, comedy or romance, he has aced all genres in just 10 years. One of the busiest actors in tinsel town, Ranveer has proven his versatility with every new film and his wife Deepika Padukone agrees. The actress, in an interview with a magazine, called her husband one of the 'best actors we've had in a really long time'. Calling I'm versatile, Deepika shared that at a personal level, he is like a child. 

"As an actor, he is probably the best we’ve had in a really long time; his versatility is unmatched. I don’t think there’s any actor in the current generation who has his versatility. Very often you still see the actor in the character, but, when you see Ranveer play a role, there is an absolute transformation and I haven’t seen that in a long time. Professionally, whatever he’s achieved is there for everybody to see... But, at a personal level, he is all heart, and his sense of humour, his achievements, his versatility, his warmth are obvious. But, beneath all of that though, he is extremely childlike. Ranveer still lives in a bubble and, if he had a choice, he’d continue living in that bubble: of just being untouched, innocent, and with lots of love to give," Deepika told. 

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The 35-year-old actress said she discusses films that she has been offered and the ones she considers signing. However, Deepika clarified that they never interfere in each other's professional decisions. "I’ll talk about things that I’ve been offered and am considering, but, we do not interfere in one another’s professional decisions," she added. 

(Source: Femina)