Kangana Ranaut reacts to Arnab Goswami calling her 'sexually possessed with Hrithik Roshan' in leaked WhatsApp chat


Republic Media Network's editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, said Kangana Ranaut was sexually possessed by Hrithik Roshan in his alleged leaked Whatsapp chat. The Bollywood actress has now reacted to the same. A woman, on Twitter, accused Kangana of making unnecessary comments amid the social media outrage over Saif Ali Khan's web show, Tandav. Reacting to Twitter temporarily restricting the actress's account, the woman said she can't go against 'bhakts'. 

Reacting to it, Kangana tweeted in Hindi, "High-profile people do not talk about petty things, but petty people only like to talk about petty things. Have it your way, let us gossip a little. Arnab ji just said what Hrithik told him. I first met him in 2019 and he was ashamed of his 2017 interview with Hrithik. Understand?"

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In another tweet, Kangana wrote, "Do you want more gossip? Why did Hrithik say this, why did the relationship sour, how did Arnab become my friend after being Hrithik’s friend, etc etc? These libru gossip mongers have destroyed the atmosphere of the country. Stop sneakily eating murabba and reading everyone’s chats and emails."

In a leaked WhatsApp chat between Arnab and Ex-BARC CEO, the former called Kangana sexually possessed with Hrithik. The editor-in-chief of Republic also said that 'Kangana has crossed the line and people will boycott her.'

Kangana and Hrithik's feud started in 2016 and they had worked together in Krrish 3 (2013). 

(Source: Twitter)