Protesting farmers in Punjab stall the shoot of Janhvi Kapoor's Good Luck Jerry once again?


Earlier this month, the shoot of Janhvi Kapoor's upcoming film, Good Luck Jerry, was stalled in Punjab after a few protesting farmers reportedly forced the cast and crew to extend support to them. Now, a few days later, the shoot has reportedly come to a halt once again. As per a leading daily's report, farmers reached the shoot location and raised slogans against the shooting of the film in Patiala.  A source told the daily that the farmers are wanting other Bollywood actors to also come out and extend support. 

"This is not an issue against any actor of film, the farmers wanted them to support their cause since agriculture is something that affects everyone. Not just Janhvi, they also demanded that other Bollywood actors too should come out in support of the farmers," the source told.

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Reportedly, the farmers headed to the hotel where Janhvi and the rest of the team are staying. As per the report, they continued shouting their slogans. Since the shoot for the day was about to begin when the chaos started, the team had to stop the work on the film. 

After the first instance, Janhvi, on her Instagram stories, wrote, "Farmers are at the heart of our country. I recognise and value the role that they play in feeding our nation. I hope a resolution is reached soon that benefits the farmers."

(Source: Times Of India)