Naseeruddin Shah and Swara Bhasker call out B-Town for keeping mum on Farmers’ Protest, say ‘being silent is tantamount to supporting an oppressor’


The ongoing Farmers’ protest has divided the nation and while many celebs have come out in support of them, the majority has remained mum on the issue. The farmers have taken to the streets to protest against the Farm Bills passed by the Rajya Sabha. Now, Naseeruddin Shah has spoken about the issue in a video that has gone viral. The actor also spoke about the celebrities not coming forward and talking about the issue.

Speaking with Jameel Gulrays, during an interview, Naseeruddin mentioned how everyone must talk about the farmers’ protesting in India. He said, “In the end, you will not hear the words of your enemies but the silence of your friends. To say that it is not a matter of personal concern would not be right at all. If our farmers are sitting on protest in the bitter cold we cannot turn a blind eye to them. I am sure that the farmer protest will gain momentum and everyone will join in. This will definitely happen. Being silent is tantamount to supporting an oppressor. I believe this.”

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The actor then went on to talk about the biggies of the film industry. Talking about the same, he said, “The towering personalities of our film industry are extremely silent over all this. They believe that they may lose something if they speak up. When you have earned enough to provide for seven generations, How much will you lose?” Naseeruddin also spoke about the problems migrants faced during the lockdown. He talked about how the police inflicted acts of cruelty on the migrants and how it was shocking and regretful.

On the other hand, Swara Bhasker who has been pretty vocal about lending her support to the farmers’ protest also called out Bollywood celebs for their silence. In an interview with an onlie portal, Swara questioned how Bollywood celebrities were demanding justice for George Floyd, a U.S citizen but failed to demand the same for their own farmers.

Swara said, “We can’t be that self-centered. When George Floyd was murdered and the black-lives-matter movement happened, our celebrities were regularly tweeting on it.” Swara questions the government as to why they speak on internal issues of countries but forbid citizens of other countries from doing so. She said, “Our government regularly issues statements on happenings around the world, the most recent being the coup in Myanmar. How come when our government comments on global issues we don’t think of internal matters?"

(Source: Twitter/Spotboye/Jameel Gulrays)